Maximize the value of student-teacher relationships in class

Tarteel's AI is used by schools to help both students and teachers make the most of Quran class.

Mistake Detection

Improve your students' Quran revision by using Tarteel's voice recognition and correction tools

Automatic Progress Tracking

Track your students' Quran engagement over time. Tarteel automatically records reading statistics

Homework Assignment

Assign homework to your students by designating a configurable reading portion, or a reading time

Badges and Streaks

Motivate your students through building up streaks, and claiming from the 30 available badges

Effortless Integration

Easily integrate with your existing LMS, including support for Google Classroom.

Chromebook and iPad Support

Use your existing devices with native support for Chromebooks, iPads, and mobile phones

Get started with Tarteel for Schools today.

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