Change Log

Latest updates to the Tarteel app
Features with the Gem (💎) emoji are premium only


Mar. 10, 2022
Qari Audio Playback 🔊

🚀 New Features

⏯️ Full Quran Audio Player Experience

You can now listen to your favorite reciters in Tarteel!

The new audio player experience allows you to play verses on repeat and, for our premium 💎 users, highlight the words that are being recited in real time.

You can also listen to verses individual by holding on any verse or in the search experience.

We're starting with Alafasy, but we plan on adding more reciters in the future inshaAllah.

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Properly clear onboarding mistake before landing in the app.
  • Quran status bar color now matches header.
  • Misc. UI and UX improvements for different devices.


Feb. 5, 2022
Audio Playback 🔊

🚀 New Features

⏯️ 💎 Add ability to play session audio from directly within the app

You can now playback your session audio in the app!

Previously you would have to share the URL for the audio and then open up a text editor to modify the share text. Then you copy that URL and put it in Safari.

That’s not a good UX though. Now audio plays back in the app directly! This will be the first steps to also adding Qari audio playback as well.

💻 Improved Chromebook support

When you tried to install and open Tarteel on a Chromebook, it would pop up with supersized text and aspect ratio! You can’t do anything that way!

We fixed the aspect ratio and now Tarteel runs smoothly as it should, pleasing to the eye.

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Misc. bug fixes for launch crashes and screen aspect ratio on devices w/ Android 5.1
  • Misc. changes related to the rendering of the Quran on different devices
  • Performance improvements
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