Tarteel Alim

Quran Memorization Scholarship Program

The Alim program offers individuals in financial need a discounted Premium subscription. The subscription includes Mistake Detection, Memorization Tools, and more. Apply in the app or below.

Application Process

Ensuring individuals in need are not left behind

Step 1

Individual fills out a financial need application and showcases their commitment for memorizing the Quran

Step 2

Application is reviewed within 48 hours, with approved applicant directed to a page where they can setup their discounted subscription

Step 3

Alim participant is able to make use of their discounted subscription for 12 months


How do I apply for the Alim Program? 


You can apply for the Alim program through the Tarteel mobile app or by filling out this form

What are the requirements to apply for the Alim Program?


Alim Program participants must be in financial need and unable to afford the Tarteel Premium subscription

Can I sponsor a particular Halaqa or School?


Of course, we'd be happy to work with you and set it up. Please get in touch

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