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Our Story

Tarteel was founded with one mission: to strengthen the relationship Muslims have with the Quran. This goal has been at the very heart of Tarteel since its inception, and we continue to strive to provide the proper tools to empower the Muslim ummah to better connect with the words of Allah SWT, nourishing their faith in doing so. Supported by years of experience in the tech industry, we have fused AI technology with our love of the Quran to create a platform that delivers a new way of approaching four key areas of focus: reading, understanding, memorizing, and reciting.

Inspired by the Islamic Golden Age, we saw untapped potential in the area of religious technology. We built Tarteel to help Muslims improve their Quranic study using the best digital tools. From students seeking additional support outside the classroom and those trying to squeeze extra minutes of reading in on commutes and lunch breaks, to parents in busy households and those who would prefer to read and recite in their own comfort zone, Tarteel is there to serve your passion for the Quran and help you reach your goals.

The Quran is a journey, and Tarteel is your companion.

December 2015

Iqra was founded by Mohamed Moussa

Iqra was built as the world's first Quran voice search tool — users can recite any verse, and Iqra will show them the verse they recited

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September 2018

Tarteel gets created in MuslimHacks

The team joined in a San Francisco Hackathon to build the first version of Tarteel — A tool that allows anyone to contribute to a public dataset of Quran recitations

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March 2019

Speech to text proof of concept

Tarteel builds the First proof of concept for speech-to-text that follows your Quran recitation.

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January 2021

Tarteel Team goes full-time

The Tarteel team goes full-time to build the future of voice based Quran recitation


April 2021

Tarteel launches Premium

With the addition of progress tracking, streaks, and a number of additional features.

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January 2022

Memorization Mistake Detection Released

Tarteel corrects extra, missed, and incorrect words live as you recite.


Tarteel has served over 4M Muslims and has made great advancements to deliver live Quran Mistake Detection and other innovative new features. Stay tuned for more updates!

We’re driven by our values

We strive to reflect the values the Prophet Mohamed - ﷺ - taught his Ummah and follow in his stead.

Green Flag
Principles of Islam
Tarteel is led first and foremost by the guiding principles of Islam, an unwavering devotion to earning the pleasure of Allah SWT, and following in the stead of our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW. This drives all of our decision making and innovation, and we hope that Tarteel serves the ummah for generations to come. We’re here to serve the Muslim ummah and ask Allah SWT to keep us on the right path. Please keep the Tarteel team in your duas.
Red Heart
Love of the Quran
We strive to deepen our relationship with the Quran through the experiences we deliver
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Beautiful Experiences
Tarteel aims to provide beautiful tooling that drastically changes the way you engage with the Quran

Core Team

A team of Silicon Valley veterans passionate about serving the Quran

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Anas Abou Allaban

Anas was previously a software engineer at Amazon on the RoboMaker platform.

He brings his robotics and AI research experience from Carnegie Mellon and Northeastern University.

You might catch him giving the Khutbah of the jummah prayer at your local masjid.

Mohamed Profile Image
Mohamed Moussa

Mohamed is the creator of Iqra, the world's first Quran voice search tool.

He brings experience from Facebook and Coursera.

He is a strong supporter and contributor to the Islamic open source ecosystem, building & hacking software and hardware tools.

Aqeel Profile Image
Aqeel Mohammed

Aqeel is the founder of Empire Ventures, a design studio that managed a number of high-end clients.

He designed the backbones of the Ethereum web application.

Aqeel is passionate about end user experience and solving pain points.


Visionaries guiding the Tarteel team towards success

Umer Khan
Islamic Scholar, VP of IT at SpaceX

Shaykh Umer Khan studied Islamic sciences at an advanced level and graduated with the highest marks in his class in his formal Shahādah al-‘Ālimiyyah degree from Al-Salam Institute. He also completed his iftā' license from Darulifta in Birmingham.

Shaykh Umer has 2 Masters in Finance and in Islamic Finance. He serves as a part-time imām in Orange County, teaching the Islamic sciences through various institutes.